Beat Sunburn & Get Vit D

Prevent Sunburn by Eating Well

Step 1 – Eat Cartenoid Rich Food

Carotenoids are the pigments that give fruits and vegetables such as carrots, cantaloupe, sweet potato, and kale their vibrant orange, yellow, and green colors. Beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein are all different varieties of carotenoids. They all act as antioxidants.

Step 2 – Why do we care?

Because Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) who specialized in cancer and DNA research, was recently asked how people who spend a lot of time in the sun should protect themselves, she said: “Antioxidants are the exact answer. [They] act exactly the same as the sunscreens, Our skin is so well-designed that when the solar rays hit it the antioxidants that are in the body actually move up and form a protective shield and act just like sunscreen.

What to Put On Your Skin

Oats – oatmeal has the ability to soothe severe sunburn. Cook oatmeal as directed on the package. Add a little more water than indicated to make a runnier consistency. Allow oatmeal to cool completely. Apply liberally to damaged skin, careful not to “rub in’ the oatmeal. Leave oatmeal on the skin until cool and rinse off with cool water. Reapply as often as needed, do not reuse the oats.

Cucumbers – The antioxidant and pain-relieving compounds in a cucumber, as well as the vitamin C, help reduce inflammation and skin damage after a burn. Blend chilled cucumbers into a paste and apply to affected areas for quick and natural soothing.

Calendula – Medicinally, calendula has been used since the 16th century. Today, the herb is often used in ointments and creams as a skin remedy. The essential oil contains carotenoids, which are thought to help regenerate skin cells.  But do not use on burns.

What to Eat

Pomegranate – The small red kernels of a pomegranate are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds called polyphenolics, and ellagic acid. A study from Texas A&M University showed that they protect cells from damage and death after UV exposure. Enjoy in a compote or pop some fresh into your mouth to enjoy the sunburn fighting benefits.

Green Tea – According to a new study in the British Journal of Nutrition, supplementing with green tea catechins – the active antioxidant compound in green tea – can help make your more resistant to ultraviolet radiation and therefore premature skin ageing.  Green tea contains between 30 and 40% of water-extractable antioxidant polyphenols.

Herbs, Green Leaves & Lettuce – If it’s green and leaf-like, chances are it’s also good for sun protection. Fresh herbs, particularly specifically parsley, basil, sage, and rosemary, are packed with antioxidants. Dark leafy greens such as spinach and swiss chard are all full of antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids, which may also naturally protect the skin from sun damage

Dark chocolate – Flavanoids found in dark chocolate may improve the skin’s ability protect against some types of skin damage, including UV-induced issues like sun burns  Plus, the flavonoids can help keep skin hydrated, increase oxygen saturation, and boost blood flow.

Carrots, tomato & Watermelon – on carotenoid, Lycopene (found in tomatoes and red watermelon) can be particularly effective because of the high antioxidant value. In one study participants ate tomato paste or carrot juice daily for 12 weeks.  Once exposed to UV light they had nearly 50% less reddening than those that didn’t.



Watermelon and mint smoothie


Watermelon and Mint Smoothie

Take a quarter watermelon, add 1 cup crushed ice, 1 sprig basil, 1 sprig mint and blend.  Serve immediately.



Green Tea & Chocolate Drink

Green Tea & chocolate bedtime drink

Warm some non-dairy oat milk, add a green tea bag to infuse for a minute and when removed, grate in 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate.

Sweeten to taste.



Pomegranate and Cucumber salad

Pomegranate salad

Peel and dice two cucumbers
1 cup pomegranate
1 tablespoon coriander
1 spring onion finely sliced
1 lime juiced
Sea salt to taste
Dash of olive oil

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Either eat before you fly or buy to eat on the flight.

1.  Invest in a good quality raw green salad – multicoloured is best as it will provide a variety of nutrients.  This bumps up your oxygen levels, your digestive actions and keeps your elimination working.  Beats the bloat basically.

If you are going on a long flight, buy one to go onboard with you.  Go easy on the dressing.

2.  Buy chopped fruit to take on board.  Eat as much as you can bear of it spread across the flight – but not after a meal.  [On my 11 hour LA flights I take on board a large salad and two different fruit pots as a minimum] 

3. If you want to drink alcohol, try and have a glass of wine with your meal before you fly. I have found this to have almost no effect on the body.  And it’ll still put you to sleep if you need it. [what is it with sleeping sitting up?  I hate people who can do that!]

1. Drink a large glass of water for every hour – by which I mean two of those airline glasses at least.  [I know the loo’s are horrid, just get over it]
2. Avoid alcohol. Seriously if you must, just have 1 drink and promise yourself a blow-out when you land.
3. Don’t eat airline food.  If for any reason you have to, pre-order an Asian Vegetarian meal.  Test have shown it’s one of the few meal options that tastes good in the air, and it will satiate you.  Why veggy?  Well its just easier for the body to break down and helps your poor digestion.
4.  This is the weirdest trick I’ve ever heard but it does seem to work.  Put brown paper bags on your feet under your socks on the flight.  Seriously I have no idea why – Debbie Moore who started Pineapple Dance Studios told me to do this – and when I remember, it works!
1. Download this brilliant free app called Jetlag Rooster and follow the sleep plan.  It’s really clever.
2. Go for a walk barefoot in the grass before you start your day.  Do this for a couple of days.  It grounds you into the energy of the country you’re in very swiftly.  Fabulous.
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The Trials & Tribulations of Flying – aka why does flying suck for your body?

1. Dehydration is the primary culprit as we all know.  You lose water for every hour you fly.  Also the plane gets drier for every hour you fly.  The consequences are:
a) your cells become less efficient – which leads to fatigue;
b) as your cells dry they pull water from your blood, which lowers the amount of blood in your body;
c) that makes it harder to eliminate waste – so you bloat.
2. Pressure – the cabin is pressurized to simulate a  pressure of 5 – 8000 ft even though you are flying at x5 that height.  This decreases available oxygen, which causes gases in your body to expand and bloat you. Michelin Man time…………..
3. Humidity – the extremely low humidity [<4%] on a plane causes a loss of smell and taste – because your sinuses close!  So nothing tastes great.  The only taste that comes through is salt.  So you tend to overeat salty food like the nuts – which makes your cellular water balance worse.  
4.  Boredom – there really is nothing to do on a flight but eat or drink.  And its really not great for you.
a) Airline food – its cooked, dehydrated, then frozen.  Then warmed up. Not an enzyme or micro-nutrient left in that food.
b) Carbonated drinks  make you more gassy.
c) Salty nuts and snacks – make you dehydrated.
d) Caffeine – dehydrates you.
e) Alcohol – ditto!
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Adult acne on 72% rise!

This week we’re going to tackle another difficult subject – acne in grown ups. This is another one of those problems that either didn’t exist way back when, or we just didn’t discuss it much.  However its on the rise now, and has become such a problem it has its own name – Adult Onset Acne.

[Have you noticed that BTW?  When something gets a name it suddenly becomes all ‘official’?  And then we can start fixing it??] I stumbled on this when I was trying to find something to help my poor spotty son feel like a human being again – instead of the surface of Mars!

And its a difficult topic so I’ve approached it with a bunch of natural solutions for you to look at and try.  And for those without this problem, these solutions are brilliant for helping your skin out anyway.

Have a wonderful week and I am praying for the sun to come out and stay out!  Remember to pack in large quantities of vitamin C and vitamin D this week.  It’ll boost your immunity and stop you feeling low.

No idea how to do that?  We are now on Amazon!! Yay! We’re very excited about it so click here for suggestions.

‘But I’m too old for spots!!’

Adult Onset Acne is….. 
a growing problem for adults these days.

What used to be the preserve of teenagers and youths has now started to become an issue for people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  What started as an issue just for women has now spread to becoming an issue for both men and women.

WHY post teenage years does acne show up:
1. Hormones – hormonal surges cause the body to produce excessive sebum which is a natural oil, but being produced at high levels.
2. Diet – Non-organic meats, high-fat dairy products and other foods high in saturated fat can also create acne.  With meat and chicken, its important to be aware that cheap cuts of meat are often treated with hormones for a variety of reasons.  With dairy you run into the same issues with how cows are treated.  When we then eat these animals, it affects our bodies and the chemicals get stuck in the liver.

WHERE does it show up?
Your face, neck, back, shoulders, chest.

1. Check there’s no medical reason first. For example PCOS can cause a severe hormonal imbalance which can bring on acne.
2.  Always buy the best meat and dairy you can afford to buy.  I know, I know, but its just one of those things you’ve gotta do.  Just get on with it.

3. Don’t give up fat.  Just give up saturated fats – eg fast food.

4. Be aware you need to cleanse from time to time.  Now when I say cleansing what I mean is that you need to give your body a rest.  Do I want an argument about whether or not detoxes work?  Nope.  But do you think your body might benefit from a simple rest from eating and drinking junk and stress?  Yes!

You get to choose what form that cleanse takes.  For me, I always pick  the principle of ‘Purify and Nutrify’ – ie Juice Fasts plus an Infusion.

Decide what yours is and then do it.  Prevention is always better than cure.

If you want to chat to me email me and I’m happy to share my thoughts and experience with you.



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Hair today, Gone tomorrow…

I find that when the weather changes like this and all those around you start dropping like flies with a myriad of illnesses, its often because your body starts to struggle with integrating the change in season. If we eat from the earth; live, breathe and walk on the earth – we are affected in the same way that the earth is affected.  When Mother Nature starts to change – be sure you will too!

What does that mean in reality?  it means that when seasons change, you’ll find your body changes, or your sleep patterns change or even your health starts to falter. I did a juice fast this week to allow my body to get in the swing of things.

Normally I find it really hard to get through the first couple of days of a fast.  This time it was so easy I surprised myself.  Clearly I needed it!

Today’s topic is one frequently one of shame and embarrassment – we’re discussing hair loss.  This has long been a male preserve but is coming to become one of the top 10 health problems for women everywhere.

Hair Loss – a 21st Century Problem

We had an amazing time this month looking at Hair and how hair loss can be so devastating for both men and women. Its frequently called your ‘crowning glory’ and how our hair looks and feels is such a barometer of how we feel that we even call them “Bad Hair Days’.

So what do you do when your hair starts to drop out?  How does it affect you?  Does it affect how you dress, how you feel?  And as a woman suffering from hair loss, who do you even talk to about it?  As hair loss has been a male only problem for so long its not something we often discuss.  Yet this is now a really big issue for women – and growing daily.Why?  Well its hard to be definitive about the causes – but I have my own list of reasons I’ve seen here at Nosh.

The top 8 Hair Loss triggers I have seen tend to be:

1. Stress & high cortisol levels.
2. Worry.
3. Excessive adrenalin.
4. Lack of Nutrients – because of either bad absorption in the intestine or poor diet.
6. Frequent flying – meaning more than twice in a month.
7. Vitamin D deficiency – because of its relationship with Calcium.
8. Excess Alcohol – it really strips the body of Nutrients.

4 Symptoms to be aware of that precede Hair Loss:

1. Breaking and cracking nails.
2. Fat around the stomach that won’t shift.
3. Cravings for very salty or sugary foods – showing a lack of minerals.
4. Inexplicable fatigue and sudden drops in energy.

5 Steps to prevent and/or slow down Hair Loss:

1. A really good vitamin in powder or liquid form.
2. Minerals in liquid form which need to be kept in the fridge.
3. A good quality probiotic to heal your gut.
4. A regular Head Massage.  It sounds old school but it really works.  Every Indian child is brought up having this forced on them weekly from childhood.  And look at our hair!
5.  My Tip?  Well, I didn’t even start thinking about this until I set up The Infusion Clinic earlier this year.

But after weeks of Vitamin drips [what can I say? I really, really practise what I preach.  I love them!]… I suddenly found I went to the hairdresser much more often than normal. And that I needed to use a depilatory ALL the time.  What was that all about?? So I stopped, thought about it and then started doing the research.  And I realised it was a huge topic that no-one is discussing.

[So this article really started here and finished at the top of the page – in reverse order, just for a change :)] If you want to chat to me about it email me and I’m happy to share my experience with you.

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Traveling Abroad

I wanted to dedicate one newsletter just to travel, since we all seem to spend more and more time on planes these days. And no matter how advanced airplane travel gets, no-one has yet come up with a way to make it a less painful experience for your body.

I have always, like many of you, got off a plane and just gone ahead and done what I need to do. I have showered, changed and hit my first meeting.

But I really have noticed more and more that its just hard work!. I find that I get off an airplane and my skin is dry, lines suddenly appear where there were none before and my digestion really suffers. In fact it just packs up!

So I have found ways and means to take care of myself and make sure that I can travel and stay heatlhy at the same time.


1. Eat raw food on the journey. Your body retains more water and suffers less from dehydration if you pack it with live, raw nutrients. In the old days we would achieve that with Fresh Juice. These days I order raw food from the Nosh kitchens and take it on board with me. I usually take a snack and a meal for a 4 hour period and double it for longer journeys.

2. Top up with huge amounts of Vitamin C during the flight. It helps to regulate cortisol and prevent blood pressure from spiking in response to stressful situations helps to regulate cortisol and prevent blood pressure from spiking in response to stressful situations. [Flying/airports/customs rate high on the stress-o-meter]. Regularly elevated levels of cortisol in your body suppress normal functioning of the digestive system, reproductive system, and growth processes.

3. Drink water. Don’t gulp the water though; sipping water is better for rehydrating the body. So its better to spread your water over the course of a flight.

4. Avoid alcohol. If you need to drink to sleep, drink white wine, or vodka and no more than a glass or two. Stay off red wine and ‘coloured’ spirits. They make your already overloaded body have to work 5x harder.

5. Probiotics are vital! Flying makes you bloated because you are seated for so long. That creates pressure in your abdomen, interferes with digestion and slows everything down. Taking Probiotics, which consist of helpful bacteria or yeasts, helps your digestion to work again. Take one the day before you fly, the day of the flight and a couple of days after.

I hope you find these really helpful. I invented a pack which we now make at Nosh just to take with me on my flights. But do feel free to make your own. Whatever you do, do make sure you do something to make it easier on your body and see the difference it makes.

Our Mile High Packs are listed below with their ingredients.

Bon voyage.


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Try to ‘Phone a Friend’ today

I had a McMuffin from McDonald’s this morning. That’s healthy!” A Caller who shall remain anonymous – He rang to complain that The Raw Smoothie wasn’t sweet enough.

Its always a giggle running a health business on so many levels. Some of it is a really funny – like when the caller above rang in to complain. We decided not to publish his name because it was really about the sentiment, not the person. 

But we did really find it hugely entertaining that he really believed what he said. And we didn’t. Perhaps you agree with him? 

It’s a good time to point out that we are really happy to chat to you, as we were to him, whenever the office is open. Which is Sunday through Friday. 

Once you’re on our database, we treat you as someone who cares about their health, their looks and their future and we really welcome you in a totally unqualified manner.

What does that mean? It means that we are happy to welcome enquiries and phone calls from you at any time, to discuss any aspect of your health and wellbeing. 

I and all the members of the Nosh team are qualified by only one characteristic – we really, really care about health, food, nutrition, balance, good music, festivals, sound healing, exercise, raw food……

Well you get the idea don’t you?

ONE qualification to that – we are very opinionated about what WE believe. That means we each have a view of what and how we think we and you can achieve optimum health. Do you have to agree with us? No. 

Heck, sometimes we don’t agree with each other [and they certainly don’t always agree with me!] 

But we do have a view point, we do spend time (ALL of us) studying what interests us, we do spend time trying out different diets and forming opinions on what we think. And that means we have STRONG views on WHAT we think and WHY we think it. 

For example Liz Nartey and Naomi Mead have recently been on the 5:2 diet and are discussing that in this weeks edition of Living Raw Radio. [See link below] 

I am trying out Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, which I think sounds amazing and really doable. And Tatu Bearcroft our resident Raw Food Chef has been tasting and testing Raw Food dishes to make us all healthy and alkaline for the summer. 

So what worries you? What do you not ‘get’ about the lastest diet myth? Want an opinion on the latest ‘Food Fad’? Give us a call and we’re more than happy to chat.

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You Think, Therefore You’re Sick? Is it a red Hering?

Today’s newsletter is about something really close and dear to my heart – how your thoughts affect your health.

My private client work is with people who have really strong emotional blocks and no matter what they do, they just can’t shift.

Within that area I count people with problems with Obsessive Compulsive behaviours, unexplained Infertility, Fatigue Category illnesses etc. etc. This approach is based on years of learning in Homeopathy and other natural treatments.

Dr. Hering, the father of American Homeopathy, discovered “The Laws of Cure” in the 1830’s. He discovered that there was an order in which symptoms should go away from a body in a case of true healing.

[Clearly this law works not only for homeopathic treatment but also for all other natural treatment options.]

The laws say that healing should go in this order:

  • Herings First Law is “From within outwards” which means that healing migrates from inside you, such as the emotions to the outermost areas, such as the muscles or skin. Which means that if you treat someone’s emotional issues and they then get an old eczema flare up, you are succeeding in helping them.
  • Hering’s Second Law is that “Symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse order of first appearance.”
  • Hering’s Third Law is that symptoms show up “From above downwards” on the body. So if you successfully treat a headache, you can end up with a wrist-ache. And so you move down the body treating each issue as it arises.


If you look back to what you’ve done when you get ill, do you address the root cause of why you got unbalanced? Or do you address a Neurofen tablet?

A successful healing is actually removing an illness from its emotional cause. Suppressing an illness is not healing. Its just moving it about your body to a problem for another time.

How often do you suppress an illness so you can deal with it another time?

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What do you expect Time after Time?

I am often asked ‘Why’ do I do what I do? And for those of you that are new, that’s even more relevant. I’ve had a very traditional life and was defined by the fact that I was a Corporate lawyer. My son fell ill as a young baby and spending the next 260 odd days out of the next 365 in hospital totally changed my life/thoughts/behaviour.

I went from someone who couldn’t cook to someone who understood clearly and utterly that:
“If you let me choose what goes in your mouth – I can help you choose what you think.”
 So when it came to deciding what I would do with the rest of my life, I chose what I knew- health creation.

What do I believe? Good health is a choice I make each and every day.
How do we achieve it? In as few steps as possible. :) My sole aim is to make it fast, effective, efficient at every step.
When did I last see a Doctor? Hmm, I was thinking about this the other day and at last count, it was about 4 years ago.
Am I really annoying and superfreak Healthy? Umm, don’t tell anyone but (no). I totally LOVE cake/chocolate/crisps. :(
Is illness inevitable? Yes, for some people because of the choices they make. And no, not for some people, because of the choices they make.

Its really a question of Time. What choices have you made time and time again?

Where does it all start? In your head, with what you think, feel and expect out of life.
Do the exercise below and see what comes up for you?

Looking Back and Forward in Time

Try a little exercise to see how where you ‘place’ your happiness. Test after test has shown that people have perceptions about where they ‘see’ happiness in their lives and where they ‘see’ sadness.

Try this as an exercise.

Take yourself 12 years back and remember an image – anything. On a scale of 1-5 (1=low and 5 high) where is your energy? Then wait a bit………………

Take yourself 12 years forward and think of an image. Again give it a number. Now, where did the sadder image occur? In your past, or in the future? And where did the happier image take place? In your past, or in the future?

For the majority of us it works like this:

Positive = Future                                 Negative = Past

Why does it matter?

Because when you are in the present moment, you still have these strings going to what you are trying to accomplish in the future because of what you have experienced in the past. It touches everything you think and do whether you are consious of it or not. Look how easily you called up those images? You will be using them to qualify and filter your reactions to everything you do today and in the future.

SO WHAT? So, to move forward faster, smoother, easier – let go of the past. It happened. You already lived it. So you have no need to repeat it.
Now let it go. Forever.

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My Eye Surgery Opened My Eyes…Literally

Does it give you a fair grasp of how we can help you?  Any confusing parts?  [And all our existing wonderful clients are SO welcome to comment too.]  This weeks’ newsletter came about because I had eye surgery at the wonderful London Vision Clinic last April. When I wentback for a check up recently the Doctor told me I had to plan to be back in about 5 years.

Why??? Says I. He said our eyesight drops really quickly from the age of 35 onwards as our levels of collagen drop and the eyeis nearly 80% collagen.  Did you know that? I really didn’t. But it sent me off on a quest of thinking about what it is thathelps with ageing well generally.

I don’t really like the term anti-ageing, just slow-ageing maybe :) So this week we are going to talk about HGH aka Human Growth Hormone. Now this is a huge topic so I am just going to skim over a few bits……….

In essence, its one of the products created by the body when you are young, and not created when you get older. It affects your collagen, your skin, your eyes, your hair, your bones, your sex drive………… get the idea?

So in order to reverese the effects of this, some people (primarily US based to date) take it in the form of an injection.Just for fun put in 69 Year old Man and HGH and see what Imean!  Freaky!
Now, whilst I agree with injecting many things [see] I really don’t agree with injecting hormones.

Fitness Hormone DNA – Sprint 8
So I found an alternative which allows your HGH to grow by 53% after just 6 weeks in tests. That’s a whopping great amount.Unfortunately its exercise driven – and fortunately there’s very little time involved.  Its basically High-Intensity Interval Training.  And below are two different ways to do it.

The theory behind this is simple. Do the following only 3 or 4 times a week at most. No more.
1. Run/Elliptical for 3 mins to warm up.
2. Run/Elliptical at full tilt for 30 seconds so you can’t barely breathe by the end.
3. Cool down for 75 to 90 seconds.
4. Rinse, Repeat for a total of 8 times.
5. Cool down and you is all done.

In studies its been shown to TRANSFORM LIVES in just a few weeks in overweight, unmotivated, non-exercisers. Read all about it CLICK HERE

Its amazing how it makes you feel!
  You get younger each time you do it!

Tabata – 4 Minute Exercises

For me, Tabata is also an alternative to Sprint 8, when I can’t make a gym.
Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE™ and the BLISSED IN™
wellness movement, is a mother-of-four, TV host, fitness and yoga instructor, popular YouTuber, and backyard farmer raising backyard chickens and growing her own organic garden.

She also travels extensively, sharing her love for fitness, yoga, and meditation at exclusive workshops and public events. This stuff is amazing and really, really works and kicks in your HGH too – check out the series called ‘You only have 4 Minutes.’  For more information and exercises go to


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